Aids for daily living are designed to improve the general well-being and living standards for those who need them. These smart devices allow you to stay at home and be independent, which raises the quality of life.  Whether aging, disabled or post-surgery; Davies offers every aspect of safety for your home. 

Aids for Daily Living (25)

Foam Cushion

Daylight Uplift Sky

Drive Inflatable Rubber Cushion

Hip Cushion w/Carry Handle Black

Wedge Cushion w/Hard Base Cotton

Orthex Symbia 23 Degree Lumbar Wedge Cushion

Orthex Symbia 16 Degree Lumbar Wedge Cushion

Orthex Somnia 4.5" Ergonomic Side Sleeper Pillow

Orthex Symbia 08 Degree Leg Wedge Cushion