Easytrack 2 Posts Tension Mount
Easytrack 2 Posts Tension Mount
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Easytrack 2 Posts Tension Mount

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The unique floor-to-ceiling design eliminates the need for specialist alterations or electrical installations. This allows the system to be used permanently, semi-permanently or even temporarily. The Easytrack is the ideal solution when a fixed ceiling track cannot be installed.


 • A multitude of unique safety systems have been incorporated into the Easytrack to ensure peace of mind. These systems include preventing the post losing grip if the floor or ceiling flexes, preventing the post being lowered if the rail is still connected or the rail disconnecting from the post.

• The small feet of the Easytrack allow use even in the smallest bedroom or bathroom where a conventional floor lifter could not be manoeuvred.

• Unlike regular gantry tracks the Easytrack can be extended to suit different locations as and when required. The track can be extended when in position to allow adjustment and then reduced to enable easier storage or transportation. The  telescopic posts allow the Easytrack to be used with a variety of ceiling heights and give maximum transfer clearance height over beds and chairs.


Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester