Quickie QM7 Power Chair
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Quickie QM7 Power Chair


The Quickie QM-7 Series power wheelchairs combine function and luxury for a unique driving experience. Make your day-to-day a thrill with the QM-7 Series' SpiderTrac® 2.0 Suspension, reliable 4-pole motors, and PG Drives electronics.



SpiderTrac™ 2.0 Suspension System

For superior traction and handling, SpiderTrac features independent movement of all six wheels. Optimized articulation of the front and rear wheels give the QM-7 Series chairs the ability to crawl up and down steep obstacles with enhanced stability and comfort. The new SpiderTrac 2.0 incorporates two additional performance springs that provide an even better intuitive response. These springs help all six wheels maintain increased contact with the ground when moving onto or off of ramps and curbs. SpiderTrac 2.0 simply must be experienced to be believed!


12" Seat Elevate and Ultra Low Seat Heights

The QM-7 combines the industry's highest Power Seat Elevate with Quickie's lowest ever seat heights, making everything at home and work within your reach. The QM-7's impressive 12" Power Seat Elevate allows you to interact with peers at eye-level and independently access tall shelves and cabinets. When ordered with tilt, recline, and elevate, the QM-7 can still achieve a seat height as low as 16", so you can pull up to tables and desks even when using a thicker cushion.


C-Me 12" Elevate with 3mph Drive Speed

C-Me's 12 inch elevate puts everything at home and at work within your reach. Now, exclusively with the QM-7 with SEDEO Ergo, you can travel at YOUR pace when elevated.


New Power Centermount Legrest with 7.5" of Articulation

Quickie's NEW Power Centermount Legrest offers an increased 7.5" range of articulation. This helps maintain comfortable positioning of the legs during elevation, and keeps the knees from bending when elevated.


With length adjustments that span from 3" to 19", the new Power Centermount Legrest provides the optimal fit for a wide range of user lower leg lengths. The left and right sides may be independently adjusted for a customized fit.

The Power Centermount has the unique capability of extending the footplate all the way to the ground, creating a stable platform for easy transfers.


Product Width:25"
Product Length:36" without footrests
Seat Width:12" - 22"
Up to 24" seat widths available on select QM-715 HD models
Seat Depth:12" - 22"
Pre-Set Seat Frame Angle:0°, 3°, 6°
Seat-to-Floor Height:No Power Seating Option: 16.3" - 21"
Single Power Seating Option (Tilt or Recline): 16.1" - 19.6"
Multiple Power Seating Options (Tilt & Recline): 16.0" - 18.5"
Back Height:14" - 28"
Turning Radius:20"
Shipping Dimensions:47" L x 40" W x 54" H

Max. Speed:5.0 mph High Torque Package
6.0 mph Standard Package
8.0 mph Community Package
Battery Size:22NF Flat Top with straps
Group 24 Flat Top Gel Cell with straps
Group 34 Flat Top Gel Cell with straps
Drive Wheel Position:Mid
Suspension:SpiderTrac® 2.0
User Weight Capacity:QM-715 HD BC and SC: 400 lbs.
QM-715 HD MPC: 350 lbs.
Product Weight:No Power Seating Option: 310 lbs.
Single Power Seating Option (Tilt or Recline): 350 lbs.
Multiple Power Seating Options (Tilt & Recline): 375 lbs.
Average Shipping Weight:350 lbs.
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester