Safehip Unisex Closed
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Safehip Unisex Closed


The SafeHip Unisex Hip Protector, provides exceptional hip protection for ultimate comfort and support. Incorporating an innovative horseshoe-shaped hip shield design and unique three-dimensional AirX spacer fabric, the SafeHip provides revolutionary protection from lateral falls. Soft, lightweight material is comfortable and pleasant against the skin, wicking moisture away from the skin to help keep you cool and comfortable. This garment can be worn over underwear and is safe for machine washing and drying, the SafeHip is not only helpful, but convenient to use.

Product Benefits:
  • Several designs provide fits that best suits every user's needs.
  • Combines comfort and safety for exceptional fracture reduction.
  • Unique horseshoe-shaped hip shield is sewn in place for stable protection.
  • Breathable moisture-wicking fabric is light enough to wear over underwear.
  • AirX spacer fabric is uniquely designed to protects the hips from lateral falls.

The SafeHip AirX Soft Hip Protection - Male, Female, or Unisex is the perfect garment to provide impact protection for fragile hips without being bulky or uncomfortable to wear. This garment incorporates a unique horseshoe-shaped hip shield made from innovative AirX spacer fabric that protects the hips from lateral falls. AirX is a three-dimensional spacer fabric that has been specially designed to absorb impact and protect the body from falls, while being lightweight and not too bulky to comfortably wear. This hip shield is sewn firmly in place and thus does not move around during regular activities of daily life, removing the need to worry about adjusting and keeping it properly aligned.

This revolutionary hip protective garment is comfortable and lightweight, capable of being worn over underwear for easy use. The fabric is soft and breathable, wicking moisture away from the skin to keep you comfortable and cool while you wear it. It follows the contours of your body, easily fitting users with waist sizes from 26” to 60” for maximum accommodation, without being bulky or difficult to wear under clothes.

For ideal use, the SafeHip is machine washable and dryable to enable easy cleaning for hygiene and comfort. It is available in Unisex Open or Closed, Female, or Male designs to better accommodate every user.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester